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About Us

Marukome Factory Tour

Marukome thinks of its “customers” first before making any product. Focusing on the notion of “better-tasting, more enjoyable, and healthier,” we are creating a new kind of food culture that suits modern lifestyles through our state-of-the-art facilities.

Marukome Factory Tour

Central Laboratory

Information is commoditized through a network based on market information. The latest analytical equipments are utilized for new product development. “Miso with Dashi” focusing on the needs of “making delicious Miso soup easily available” was created here.

Environmental Protection

Marukome actively is engaged in environmental protection through strict screening our production facilities. As a result, we have gained a high reputation of being a model factory that focuses on the environment.

Effluent Purifier UnitEffluent Purifier Unit
Although approximately 1,500 tons of water is used per day at our factory, we purify all the effluent to return it to nature.