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About Us

About Marukome

Since ancient times Japanese people have consumed grains such as rice and soybeans that are fermented by the power of microorganisms. Japanese fermented food has wide varieties ranging from condiments (such as soy sauce, miso, vinegar, mirin), luxury grocery items (sake, shochu) to food products (natto, pickles). These tasty, preservable and healthy fermented foods have become a major part of Japanese dining.

Miso is an essential condiment in Japanese cuisine where miso soup is almost always served with a bowl of steamed rice. Marukome has, since its inauguration in 1854, supplied fermented food (especially miso) to its customers for more than 150 years. Marukome has always been in search of new ideas, methods, and inventions. During the process, Marukome developed convenient miso products that contain dashi stock and proposed easy-to-use containers such as plastic jars. As a result, Marukome has now become the largest miso supplier in Japan.

Japanese cuisine evolved in its own way, and has been registered as one of the world’s intangible cultural heritages along with other cuisines such as French, Mexican, and Mediterranean. Healthy and beautiful Japanese cuisine which fully utilizes raw materials is currently widely accepted and consumed all over the world.

Marukome hopes to introduce and further spread Japan’s proud fermented condiments to the world centering on miso and koji.

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